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At FF Inspections, we are committed to offering comprehensive answers to all your inquiries about home inspections in Connecticut.

Frequently Asked Questions

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FF Inspections is here to provide you with all the answers you need regarding home inspections. Whether it’s before or during the process, we are ready to address any questions you may have.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept credit cards for payment.

Why do i need a home inspector?

Hiring a home inspector is important to protect yourself in the process of buying a home. No home is perfect and hidden damages can cost hundreds of dollars if gone unnoticed.

How soon can you go out and inspect the houses?

We can usually schedule an inspection 48 hours out.

How long will it take after the inspection for me get the report?

We will return home inspection reports within 48 hours.

Are Homeowners or Buyers Allowed Attend the Inspection?

Attending the home inspection is a valuable opportunity for you as a home buyer or prospective owner. We provide the chance to be present during the inspection, enabling you to witness any current or potential issues firsthand. This firsthand knowledge of distinguishing between normal conditions and potential problems will greatly assist you in effectively maintaining your home in the future.

What happens if a home fails an inspection?

In many cases, if a home fails an inspection, both the buyer and seller may agree to renegotiate the terms of the sale based on the inspection report. This could involve the seller making repairs or providing a credit toward the buyer’s closing costs to compensate for the issues discovered during the inspection. Alternatively, the buyer may choose to take on the repairs themselves after closing, with appropriate adjustments made to the sale price.

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