Know More About Your Stratford & Bridgeport, CT Building with help from Fact Finder Inspections

The more you know about the building you own in Stratford & Bridgeport, CT, the more likely you are to make smart decisions about remodeling, building, selling or buying. Fortunately for you, Fact Finder Inspections is here to help. We'll test your:

  • Soil - for contamination.
  • Water - it's important to know the quality of the water coming from your pipes.
  • Radon - excessive radon has been linked to lung cancer.
  • Asbestos - asbestos has been linked to a number of health issues.
  • Mold - it exists everywhere, but excessive mold growth can cause health issues.
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Test your Stratford & Bridgeport, CT property today

We use a local lab, Aquatek Labs, to process our environmental tests. Not to mention, our staff has been trained by the Aquatek team to perform environmental tests. You should get results back from your asbestos or mold test in two or three days. Water and soil tests will take three days, and radon tests usually come back to our clients in four or five days. Schedule your environmental test today.