A Fly-By Inspection Is Anything But

Fact Finder Inspections offers Drone inspections in Stratford & Bridgeport, CT

To get the most thorough inspection, it takes a little bit of creativity and innovation. Thankfully, the crew at Fact Finder Inspections is full of both. We offer drone inspections for our clients in Stratford & Bridgeport, CT. Our drone cameras will fly over your home or commercial property to take videos of your roof, siding and more. Then, the results will be uploaded to a private YouTube channel that you have the link to.

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5 reasons to have your home inspected via drone

5 reasons to have your home inspected via drone

Do you think a drone inspection is a good idea for you? If your home or commercial building is over three stories high, it probably is. Here are five reasons to consider a drone inspection:

  1. There's no safety risk to your inspectors.
  2. You can schedule a drone inspection quickly.
  3. You can see your results quickly.
  4. Drones give you the opportunity to see before and after photos of your roof replacement.
  5. Drone inspections are typically less expensive than standard inspections.
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